Swanage Carnival and Regatta
27th July to 3rd August 2019
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Swanage Carnival
Swanage Carnival
Swanage Carnival
Swanage Carnival
Swanage Carnival
Swanage Carnival
Swanage Carnival
Swanage Carnival
Swanage Carnival
Swanage Carnival
Swanage Carnival

Swanage Carnival Cooking Demonstration

We have top local chefs lined up for you to demonstrate thier culinary skills on Sandpit Field Swanage Caarnival

Top Chef Mathew Cooks Up A Treat Monday 30th Julyt 3pm to 4pm

The Grand Hotel serves up a treat or two…
Mathew, the head chef at the Grand Hotel, and his team will be demonstrating for the third year in a row.
They will show you how to cook a mouth-watering meal using the best ingredients from Dorset. In the past they have demonstrated a wide variety of starters , main courses and desserts.
So what will they be cooking in 2018?
Better come along or you will miss out ! You will also have the opportunity to ask questions at the event so that you can find out more about their culinary secrets and skills. Swanage Caarnival

Dorset Cheeses arrive at Carnival Tuesday 31st July 2pm to 3pm

This year will be the first time that Purbeck Deli in Swanage will demonstrating be at the Carnival.

The Purbeck Deli demonstration by Jane will be an interesting and exciting addition to the food programme on the Sandpit field.

She will be introducing you to an excellent range of cheeses, with the emphasis on what Dorset has to offer. You may find out what have been missing all these years! Plus, the Deli will show a variety of other food that you can eat with the cheeses, such as relishes, chutneys, fruit and wines.

Recipes be presented that we hope will tempt you to produce a great meal when get home, to your caravan or your tent!
You can ask Jane questions and there will opportunities to taste some of the cheeses.

This will be a popular event. So, you had better come along to the demo to find out what it is all about.
During carnival week Purbeck Deli on Institute Road is planning to offer their “Carnival cheese selection”.

Crab Apple Cookery Demonstration Wednesday 1st August 2pm to 3pm

Last year the Crab Apple team survived a Force 9 gale, torrential rain and flooding in the marquee. But they still produced a fantastic demonstration, lots of tasty food and a master class on how to cook under difficult conditions.

Dave Armstrong, Carl Thompson and Emma Senior will entertain you again in 2018 by demonstrating their culinary skills in creating delicious dishes, using the best ingredients from Dorset. Audience participation will be expected as it was in 2017, so come prepared.

They will be keen to answer any questions you have and do not be surprised if they invite you to participate in one of their competitions!

Can you think of a better way to spend an hour or so in the main marquee on Tuesday afternoon?
We can’t…. So come along, it will be a lot of fun and action !!

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